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  • 🙋 Maybe you heard of Hotwire and StimulusReflex but aren't sure if and when to apply which.
  • 🚂️️ Maybe you have incorporated Hotwire or StimulusReflex into your monolithic Rails app, but need guidance concerning their most effective use.
  • 💸 Maybe you want to future-proof your reactive Rails application against technical debt and common anti-patterns.
  • 👋 Maybe you have lost a critical team member who was in charge of the reactivity concerns.
We offer
  • 🤝 Certainty about your usage of #ReactiveRails techniques
  • 🚄 A future-fit and extensible code base
  • 🔧 Actionable, bespoke advice on how to proceed with your project

Here are two options

to help you out with competent assistance, tailored to your specific problem scope

Connect with #ReactiveRails specialists for expert advice on implementing or migrating to Turbo, StimulusReflex, and CableReady.


  • Priced individually
  • Choose from a pool of expert consultants to help with a specific problem
  • Collaborate (a)synchronously
  • One-stop shop to keep conversation and transaction history in one place
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Order a review to examine your app's architecture, improve maintainability, and optimize performance.


  • Fixed pricing, based on app size
  • Github integration - use your existing repositories to start a review
  • Flexible scoping - order a full review or select topics
  • Summary of actionable advice
  • Interactive report - search for keywords, take notes, crosslink and bookmark salient items
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We'll have more than one specialist in the future to choose from.
We'll all have different skillsets.

  • Julian Rubisch

    Reactive Rails Specialist


    available instantly

    Whether you're stuck with migrating to Turbo, have a question about how to architect your app using StimulusReflex, or inquiries about how to use one of the few CableReady utility libraries I authored - I'm happy to help!

    * It's free to start with Julian, he'll discuss his fees after the first contact.

  • Stephen Margheim

    Reactive Rails Specialist


    available instantly

    I believe that every problem, no matter how big or small, has a high-leverage solution; that is, a solution where we can generate ~80% of the value for ~20% of the effort. By leaning on the Rails Way and the fundamentals of web applications, I have built hundreds of high-leverage solutions for myriad Rails applications. Reach out and I'll happily help you find a robust solution to your problem!

    * It's free to start with Stephen, he'll discuss his fees after the first contact.

  • Stefan Vermaas

    Ruby e-commerce specialist

    HotwireSpreeShopifyArchitectural Software Design

    available instantly

    Hello from the Netherlands! As a seasoned Ruby on Rails consultant, I thrive on untangling complexities. If you're stuck with e-commerce challenges, especially in Shopify, ERP, OMS, POS, or Spree applications, I'm here to help guide you towards solutions that bring clarity and progress.

    * It's free to start with Stefan, he'll discuss his fees after the first contact.

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    • Working with RailsReviews was a game-changing experience for our team. Their expert code reviews identify issues early and ensure we can continuously scale with confidence. I recommend RailsReviews without hesitation to any team looking to strengthen their Ruby on Rails foundation.

      Obie Fernandez
      CTO at
    • I had the pleasure of using RailsReviews and I must say it was an excellent experience. Julian provided insightful guidance on a problem that I was having involving Hotwire and Turbo Frames. His solution was totally easy to implement and effective. He shared his knowledge and took the time to help us understand the solution thoroughly. I highly recommend RailsReviews services to anyone seeking guidance in web development and Hotwire/Turbo-related challenges. It’s been a pleasure working with them, and I look forward to future collaborations.

      Cadu Ribeiro
      CTO at Adaflow
    • Julian has an incredible mind for software architecture. He constanly helps me identify low level, high value changes that drive positive impact resulting maintainable application design with top notch performance. RailsReviews will, without a doubt, benefit a lot of businesses on the path to technical success.

      Nathan Hopkins
      Senior Product Engineer at ClickFunnels
    • Julian, Stephen, and the team are thorough and so qualified to do these reviews.

      Adrian Marin
      Founder, AvoHQ

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don't hesitate to email us.

    • What services do you provide?

      Our Rails consultants offer a variety of services, including semi-automated Rails code audits, in-app consulting, and expert advice on Rails components such as Hotwire, Turbo, StimulusReflex, and CableReady.

    • How does the Rails code audit work?

      Our semi-automated Rails code audit conducts a static analysis of your Rails application's code. It identifies potential issues related to performance, security, or code quality. Our reviewers use these as a guideline to provide actionable advice for you.

    • How are consultations handled?

      All consultations with our Rails consultants are conveniently handled within the app. This ensures a seamless and efficient communication and billing process.

    • Can a you help me scale my Rails application?

      Yes, our Rails Consultants are experts in application scaling. Using our in-app consulting process, they can identify areas to optimize for scalability and guide you through the process.

    • What benefits can I expect from in-app consulting?

      In-app consulting allows for real-time collaboration and discussion. It enables the consultant to understand your application better, provide immediate feedback, and guide you in implementing best Rails practices.

    • How can a Rails Consultant help enhance my web application's performance?

      Our Rails consultants, utilizing automated code analysis, can pinpoint performance bottlenecks in your Rails application. They can then provide in-app guidance to optimize these areas for better performance.

    • Can you help with specific Rails technologies like Hotwire and Turbo?

      Yes, our Rails Consultants have deep expertise in various Rails components including Hotwire, Turbo, StimulusReflex, CableReady, Sidekiq, Shopify, and many others. They can provide guidance and best practices for effectively using these tools in your application.

    • How quickly can I expect improvements after a Rails code audit?

      The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your application and the scope of improvements identified in the audit. However, with the help of our in-app consulting and automated audits, you can expect to start seeing improvements promptly.

    • What makes your Rails consultancy services different?

      Our services stand out because of our innovative approach. We use automated code analysis to quickly and efficiently identify areas for improvement. We also offer in-app consulting, which allows for real-time, seamless communication, a better understanding of your application, and immediate implementation of changes.

    • Is my data safe during a Rails code audit?

      Absolutely. The automated Rails code analysis is designed to scrutinize your code for quality, performance, and security issues without compromising on data privacy. Your code and data are safe throughout the process.

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