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Order a review to examine your app's architecture, improve maintainability, and optimize performance.

Github Integration

1. Connect Your Github Organization

Use your existing Github repositories to start a review.

Flexible Scoping

2. Define Audit Contents

Order a full review, or select topics as you deem fit.

Clear Results

3. Open Your Report

View a summary of actionable advice at a glance.

Interactive Report

4. Browse Findings

We think discoverability is pivotal. Skim through your report, take notes, search for keywords and crosslinks to your Github repository.

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Audit Setup Walkthrough

Before we can start, there are two mandatory requirements that must be fulfilled:

  • GitHub. Right now, we only support apps hosted on GitHub.
  • GitHub App. You must have privileges to install the RailsReviews Github App in your repository.

The setup itself is straightforward. These are the steps:

  1. Create a project. This will prompt you to install the RRR GitHub App the first time.
  2. Create a review. This will automatically compute your app's LOC (lines of code) statistics and calculate a price.
  3. Select all review chapters you want to have covered.
  4. Check out and book your review.
  5. That's it! Your app will now be automatically processed to prepare the manual part of the review. Once your review is done, you will get a notification in your preferred format.

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