Yes, we get it.

You want to know what you're in for.

Reviews are priced individually based on content and app size

Here's how to get a rough estimate (no guarantee) of your review price.

1. Calculate your app's LOC

Execute the following commands in your terminal:

$ bundle add rails_stats -g development --git "" --branch main
$ bundle exec rails stats

This will install an upgraded version of bin/rails stats that also includes custom app directories like app/components,app/reflexes, app/services etc. into the LOC computation.

2. Copy the Total LOC Amount

And paste it into the following field:

Your estimated review price will appear on the right/bottom.

Note that the final price can still vary based on included/excluded chapters, discount codes etc.

Example Prices

Small App (10,000 LOC)
Medium-Sized App (30,000 LOC)
Large App (100,000 LOC)